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Chen Mei: The change in self-perfection

To the outsider, she served in top positions at global companies, head dazzling halo; in staff opinion, she is a strong and unyielding professional women, led by China and the Asia Pacific team to implement many important IT projects; It seems his family, she is a responsible mother had to give up the job to enhance the opportunities for children; in her own view, after 12-year career in a second transformation, she was convinced that: change is an opportunity, not the threat posed. Even panic in the financial crisis spread worldwide today, she remains very calm, confident, optimistic, and that feeling passed to his subordinates. It is in constant change, she completed a self-transformation, the realization of a time beyond that she is SABIC Innovative Plastics Mei Chen, director of global IT human resources.

SABIC Innovative Plastics, Global Human Resources IT Director Chen Mei

In the quiet of the office, Mei Chen opened his heart to reporters. As a struggle over ten years in multinational companies "veterans", she will own working experience, knowledge of information technology on business, on leadership experience, and brought her to join the public good nature of her life experiences, told reporters Promises.

10 years, 3 months identity transformation

In 1997, Chen Mei to join Siemens as a programmer, and this is her precision instruments from Tsinghua University Graduate first job after graduation. "I have great respect Siemens, here opened my eyes. From Tsinghua University to Siemens, I was lucky." Brought his first job, Chen Mei full of gratitude. But soon, always likes to control their own destiny Chen Mei began to have more ideas. "I want to accept greater challenges, but just at this time, GE has accepted me."

"At the time of the interview to the GE I'm excited because the first time GE has given me opportunities to do projects independently. When I saw the GE website this sentence - as the change as an opportunity, rather than the threat posed. Phrase If I found a resonance, it has become my motto decade career. "Speaking of the scene at that time to join GE, Chen Mei still hide his excitement.

The same values for Chen Mei finally decided to join the GE China Co., Ltd., but after joining GE in China, Chen Mei is not a smooth start. "I am a formal employee of Siemens, and GE entered a contract from China I was working from. The beginning of the really perturbed, and some can not be reconciled, however, where GE attracted me so much, I want to see GE the world. "Chen Meijian tough, unyielding personality made her famous in this global company, enjoying rapid growth.

Soon, in the next few years, Chen Mei's work has been recognized, until she split points where GE Plastics, she has become a GE Plastics Asia Pacific IT Director, ERP and manufacturing, and is also China's IT Director. 9 years at GE, so Mei Chen to work, have a more profound understanding of their own. "I think this is what I worked so many years in GE's biggest one reason. Because GE particular attention to the cultivation, in particular, respect for self-realization. When you demonstrate your value, will immediately be recognized by GE, that kind of pride will motivate you more to go beyond the limits of self. "Mei Chen that his 9 years at GE, is a tremendous wealth of life.

September 1, 2007, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) was acquired on the GE Plastics, GE work in a 9-year follow Chen Mei Plastics Group also joined a new company. And Chen Mei business cards to reporters on the company's name printed - SABIC Innovative Plastics Corporation (SABIC IP). Mei Chen told reporters, SABIC IP or GE Plastics of the same people, and people from the business point of view no change, even in the values and behavior is also considerable continuity with the original GE. More fortunate, the new parent company as an Asian company, its culture and the Chinese are very similar, and stress is precious and the importance of long-term development. Therefore, the former GE Plastics SABIC decided to let as a separate entity to operate. "But I also have concerns at that time: the work of women in Saudi Arabia there are many restrictions on access to the industry, that has meant that women in such enterprises, professional development will be subject to many restrictions it?" Recalled the message was heard concerns about the acquisition, Chen Mei said, "but after the meeting, M & A SABIC's CEO told us 'welcome you to join this big family SABIC to', SABIC for people to respect me with a sense of security from the heart. SABIC is also an open environment, strong demand from the start of the worry is unnecessary. " The new company's environment and culture changed little, but Mei Chen, the acquisition of her getting busy.

And now spread to increasingly wide range of financial crisis, but also to feel the slightest chill Chen Mei. The rapid growth of prices of raw materials, so that is facing greater challenges SABIC had to cut costs to deal with the fact that product sales decline. The usual, Mei Chen to take on this financial crisis is still positive and optimistic attitude. "As the Chinese saying goes, is called 'the situation improves,' the emergence of the financial crisis is bound to result in part of the bankruptcy, and workers lose their jobs, but the crisis also gave some forward-looking enterprises to enhance their competitive opportunity, I believe that SABIC will use this opportunity to opportunity, through a number of positive measures to help businesses upgrade their level of operations. " Chen Meijian will say.

Society of Active Growth

Mei Chen recalled, when China had just joined the GE, GE all business groups in China, mainly sales, Mei Chen, GE China, where IT departments with business group operations not directly linked. But with GE in China to increase investment and business expansion efforts, IT department's role in business growth more evident. With the localization of production and supply chain, IT and business is more and more closely, allowing Chen Mei beginning to realize that their understanding of the shortcomings of the information. Under this background, the GE training for five years and a half of China Chen Mei transferred to GE Plastics he was appointed District Director of IT. "If the five point scale, I can only play to their work at 3. Because I just transferred to GE Plastics when no business experience, was difficult to see forward-looking IT strategy to business growth impetus." Aware of its a short board, Chen Mei began to sense of how Bangzhu IT department business units have created a sustained growth of the model, Bing Li Yong and the business sector more actively Jiechu of Jikuaixuehui grow and Genju GE Plastics and the company's business Tedian Strategy Planning IT strategy. With the separation from GE, Chen Mei shoulder to form a new team and is responsible for establishing the company's global human resources IT system task, which was a big let Chen Mei Shi fist a good opportunity.

"GE Plastics from GE, after the company split out of the establishment of SABIC IP, 11 000 thousand employees worldwide, and SABIC's global workforce of 2 million people. This merger makes the new scale in a short time is difficult to fully integrate into the home the company's existing platform, SABIC IP to maintain independent operations, human resources management is also independent. just an arrival, I began to Plastics Group spun off from GE and the re-establishment of SABIC IP global human resources IT system of work. "Mei Chen said. "I think this is a very good Jihui, Zai entire professional career, few people would split the company opportunities to run into this, I want to do well this opportunity."

In order to give employees a smooth migration from the GE to the new company, human resources services and systems is particularly important to establish. "Their staff has gone through a split of the accident, if this time we do not do HR system will allow staff more intense sense of drift, which on the whole detrimental to the development company." Chen Mei Speaking of stepping up construction HR System, said. The establishment of HR systems in the process of starting a team led by Chen Mei divided into two factions, one that should follow the example of the original GE's processes and systems to enable employees to adapt; school of thought should completely give up the GE model and re-establish for their own The new system, such as the original GE system should be simplified some processes. Chen Mei reflection, retains some of GE processes, while establishing a new system-specific needs. Chen Mei and her team in the effort, the establishment of new corporate information system, the task has been completed most. Chen Mei's current focus is to further improve the HR system to allow employees a stable work environment, as soon as possible to enhance the value of IT in the company.

Years of life experiences, so that when problems began to stand Chen Mei decision makers point of view of planning. "For example, in plastics production, maintaining batches of products from different habitats and consistency of color critical business needs such as birth of the color identification system. Before the establishment of IT projects and business leaders should communicate, to see what they have business objectives, and then we design the system according to the target. In addition, multinational corporations in the process of global expansion is usually internal IT standards and requirements all over the system to maintain the same standards, through my personal experience, this is precisely a advantages, can avoid the integration of the system fragmentation caused trouble. Therefore, the stand point of view a global, regional CIO and team should be independent or innovative companies and global strategy for sustainable growth of local business service. "Mei Chen explained. In the face of financial crisis, the impact of the company, Chen Mei initiative where IT departments put forward their own proposals, to ride out the storm together with the company. "Our IT department come up with specific data for companies that are focused on what part of the principal contradiction, the company based on actual data deciding which projects should be strengthened in the financial crisis, which items should be put on hold in order to continue to promote business development. "

Do 2% of the successful

According to the survey: the proportion of female executives of global companies about 2%, while the female CIO are even scarcer. Able to assume this position of women, not only a tough character and decisive execution, but also have excellent leadership skills. And Chen Mei no doubt, is that 2% of the outstanding.

"I do not agree that a lot of people talking in character and execution of women than men to say on!" Chen Mei said, "women was not always vulnerable, I feel that women have the patience, consider the problem more comprehensively than men. The real difficulty I encountered was: As a mother of two, how to deal with the relationship between children and work; in his high position after the change, how to lead the team to create greater value. "

Chen Mei feel real to how important leadership is to make GE Plastics in the Asia-Pacific region when the ERP implementation. "Team of 16 individuals, 10 individuals are not Chinese, but more than half of my seniority. Although I withstand the pressure and the implementation of the project is completed, but the team management has a problem. At that time, I manage team approach is simple but the machinery, even some violent. now think of it then is immature, not to mention too much leadership. soon, the backbone of one of Malaysia's team decided to resign, you know, that was my one of the most effective digital assistant. When I asked the reason for his resignation, my colleagues who I still remember the words. colleague that I am aggressive, so he lost the feeling of being trusted. "

"It makes me really began to realize that the old set of Chinese Women 'play is a painful curse is love' approach, it seems not suitable for managing a multinational team. Because in the multi-cultural environment, management skills should be diversified . "experienced this issue, Chen Mei decided to change concepts, learning how to talk to colleagues overseas management teams.

In addition, the financial crisis occurred, how as managers adjust their Di mind, to help their employees adapt to the changes in job Xin, Ye Shi Bai Ge Ge corporate managers in the face of Shouyao of Wen Ti. This has been well versed in the art of leadership of Chen Mei Shen Yun naturally has her own views. "I think personal development is closely related to the company's future as manager, in addition to their own due diligence on the posts should also be closely aligned with the company with the staff, so both managers and or employees, to which companies will remain for others have a good professional image. "In addition Mei Chen also actively take measures to help subordinates get rid of fear, to adapt to new changes," For our company, we have maintained a very open environment, financial crisis, we Staff will inform the company at any time by the network changes and reasons for the change, so do not mind a change in the staff to eliminate concerns. In my department we have inside, I took the one-way, when the staff I told them when problems arise direct answer, let them adjust to the steady state of mind. Since the financial crisis, I was satisfied with my work. "Mei Chen said, smiling.

Responsibility not just for show

IT professional in the public appears to be a very focused and rational work, IT workers seem to have with a rigid, monotonous, solemn title, no time to look in people's minds they do outside of work, and Chen Mei is precisely what public good followers. In the interview, Chen Mei shows us her participation in various public welfare activities received a certificate and a trophy. "I actually do not think in the past will affect his behavior and development of others to help, but I happened upon one of the things I changed this attitude. Just transferred to GE Plastics in the near future, I recognized at an event GE department of a global CIO. She is a woman, I was in a lot of confusion on career development, to take the initiative to ask her to do my professional mentor, she readily agreed, and later the selfless work of the special to give me many suggestions. In the face of my gratitude, she told me that the best way I can not come back to thank her, but to help more people. "This sentence to Chen Mei deep shock, and encouraged her to actively participate in various community activities.

In the past, GE has a strong cultural atmosphere Mei Chen provided a broad space for development. In the GE-house, Mei Chen took part in the "GE Association of Professional Women", inviting health consultant to the company organized for professional women living and working aspects of the lectures; participation in volunteer organizations, select a number of projects funded. "This is to participate in 'funding JA (nonprofit organization) to raise awareness of young business activities' received awards." Mei Chen pointed to the eye-catching awards table on us. We discovered that, Chen Mei sort of "shabby" office, to participate in these public service activities received a certificate and a trophy, almost the only decoration.

She believes that today's businesses want to pursue the road of healthy development, first of all should not be abandoned to their own interests and social conscience, we should not let corporate social responsibility into a piece of empty promises. Responsibility is a bit of pay, is taking action to bring more people to join, rather than spend big bucks to show. Executives to assume their responsibilities in the same time, it should stand to seek a higher return on the angle of perspective.

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